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We make hiring easy, simple as that!

Our team at Terra Recruitment has helped dozens of consumer goods companies close job vacancies over 50% faster giving them time to focus on business growth and not the nuances of recruitment.


Discover what sets Terra apart as our Founder, Anthony Fera, shares insights into our distinctive approach and our commitment to delivering top-tier candidates for all of our clients open roles. Through our vast network and innovative methodologies, we excel in identifying candidates perfectly aligned not only with the job requirements but also with your organization's culture.

Our objective.

We do more than just finding you the best talent.

TIME IS MONEY - instead of sifting through hundreds of resumes, get back to focusing on revenue generating initiatives that drive your business. Leave the hunting to us.

REDUCE TIME TO HIRE - we understand how important it is to fill roles with quality candidates, but also fill them quick. Get new talent onboarded faster with us.

SAVE MONEY - Bad hires cost more than recruitment fees. Find the right person, once.

INCREASE DIVERSITY - Having a diverse, inclusive, and well-balanced team is the most successful way to attract and retain talent.

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